About us

Bigmaarketplace is an online platform for offline shops to sell their products. In this platform only quality shops/Outlets/distributor agencies/Super markets can sell their products and manage themselves. By this platform the vendors can list their products, product details, price, Offers, discounts, delivery mode, Shipping terms, etc. Mostly delivery is taken care by vendors; our platform only supports to list the products so that people from entire city can get to know purchase either online or visit the shop to buy directly.

Bigmaarketplace web-platform is soley owned and managed by Adyadashu Engineering Solutions, Bangalopre. We validate the suppliers and their products before listing in to our platfoirm. If vendor has good collection of products and they are not of inferior quality/seconds/used or duplicate products; then they will be listed in our webplatform. The main intent our platform is to promote local offline shop products so that they can compete with online selling platforms.

With this platform sellers can change the products, offers/discounts, new arrival themselves (with the secured user ID and password). For customers also can get to know the available products in sourrounding shops so that they get good service and reachability after the product is purchased.

Currently we are catering only to Bangalore city. Customers can buy the products and review the shops after purhcase about their quality, service, etc. This is going to be a helpful platform for both sellers and buyers in a big away. Please reach out on info@bigmaarketplace.com for any additional details required. Happy to provide.